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How do we perceive the digital part of our cities? The installation „Ausschlaggebend“ makes the data of very known social media platforms Twitter and Instagram tangible by bringing them into the analogue world. The old thermograph ist manipulated, so that it reacts to posts and tweets that use the word Regensburg. Everytime someone talks about this city, the installation shows a spike, thus creating a live data physicalization and due to the sound of the needle moving, sonification. Whereas you would normally have to open the app to experience this data, the artwork brings it into the physical world and „writes it down“ on paper.

The work is an experiment in creating new metaphores and images for the huge datasets that define our digital cities and cannot be experienced in the physical world yet.





05. - 08.08.21 | The artist is still present, K├╝nstlerhaus Andreasstadel 10. - 25.09.21 | StadtRaumWandel, PLK Kulturviertel Regensburg 28.10. - 31.12. | Stadt im Wandel, Degginger Regensburg