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Bildwurzeln was born from the simple idea of visualizing RGB data from picture in 3D in order to open up and distort their statement. What is left from the motive when you technically and very rationally model only it’s color values?
The color values are located in space and connected with the accordingly colored lines. Thus a digital network of roots is created that tells about the underlying photographs of plants in a new way. No picture roots are the same.
The result is a selection of generative artworks of one-of-a-kind „Bildwurzeln“ (picture roots); exhibited as prints (50 x 50cm) and an accompanying brochure with the according source picture and a comment.

Supervision: Prof. Uli Braun



3rd semester (2017) - graphic design

Exhibited at:

LAB13 | Landesgartenschau W├╝rzburg