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In full scale

Exploration of smallest organs of butterflies

As part of the cultural theme of the city of Regensburg „Close Vision“ in 2021, I engaged in the studying of the exciting characteristics and miscroscopic small structures of butterfly wing scales. An aesthetic interpretation in the form of kinetic installations evolved from this exploration.

A close vision of butterfly wings

What is invisible for the naked human eye is crucial for the butterfly’s flight stability, to scare off enemies and to camouflage. A delicately ribbed surface that consists of crystal structures creates the luminous bright colors and light refractions on the wings. To make the essential importance of the scales tangible without a microscope, I abstracted them in larger-than-life acrylic glass plates and linked them with light and movement. Thus light light effects occur that commemorate iridescent butterfly wings and make the natural phenomenon artistically tangible.




23.10. - 07.11.21 | Stadelgalerie, K├╝nstlerhaus Andreasstadel, Regensburg