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In the web of the visible

Exhibition design

We’re perpetually entangled in a web of visible and invisible things. This net has been created by our learning processes and visual experiences as well as by cultural conventions and aesthetic norms. Historical objects and images carry within them certain ways of seeing, which have shaped our thought and sciences to the present day. In order to improve our understanding of culture and nature, and to organize and impart knowledge, universities have been, and will continue to be, sites of collection.
What is it that has been made visible in the items collected from the distant past to the present day? Which aspects have remained invisible by being discarded or excluded?
The interdisciplinary project „INSIGHT. Signatures of Sight – Facets of Seeing“ has brought together four collections in order to investigate the multifaceted phenomenon of seeing through the lens of specific objects that have been collected:
the Adolf-Würth-Center for History of Psychology
the Research Center for Historical Visual Media
the Martin von Wagner Museum and
the Collections at the Institute for the History of Medicine.
Thanks to support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, it has been possible to secure, catalogue, digitalize and partially restore thousands of items from these collections over the past three years.



29.02.20 - 31.05.20

Exhibited at:

Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzburg