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The project site is situated in the Isar area, in the centre of Munich.
Our strategy plan consists of five basic measures : the support of the character of the two Isar streams in this area, the creation of new access points, new „city windows“, the activation and reactivation of the two islands into „science & technology“ and „art & culture“ and the connection of the river and the urban space.

On the „science & technology“ island the public space in front of the museum becomes a space for arriving, an intersection for the visitors of the museum, the river and the islands. Corten steel lines accompany from the city squares onto the new public open space and then simulates the many directions of people’s movements.

The „art & culture“ island is composed of the reused historical buildings and courtyards of the old spirits factory, now housing artists‘ studios. In the big courtyard the artists can present their work, interact with visitors. The open workshop area on the other side can also be visited to watch artists work; at the Isar steps you can rest and join open air events.

Supervision: Prof. Regine Keller

I did this project together with two fellow students in my previous study of landscape architecture.